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JusticeTrax, Inc. LIMS-plus ® is a premier laboratory information management system designed for forensic laboratories of all sizes. Since 1995 JusticeTrax, Inc. has provided forensic laboratories with comprehensive case management software, outstanding customer support, software development and integration with other applications and instruments. JusticeTrax, Inc. has now answered the call from local law enforcement and brought the same innovation and technology to the evidence and property room. JusticeTrax, Inc. is committed to providing local sheriff's offices and police departments the tools they need to take control of their evidence rather than letting their evidence take control of them. By providing you with a powerful software solution, JusticeTrax, Inc. not only gives you the ability to barcode evidence as it comes in to your department, but our software will also allow you the ability to manage that evidence from receipt through disposition. Top all that off with outstanding query and reporting tools and unparalleled customer support and you have a software solution built for the law enforcement professional