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Neutralize It

Product From JAWS Brand Management

JAWS Brand Management introduces of "Neutralize It", a product that combines ingredients to alleviate pain and itching, denature foreign venom proteins and de-acidify sting toxins that cause the body's histamine reaction. "Neutralize It" is designed with liposome technology to speed absorption and carry the product directly to the venom to destroy toxins before skin damage occurs. Reduces uncomfortable blistering, swelling, itching and pain to help eliminate secondary bacterial infections caused by scratching the site. Available in three distinct formulas for varying levels of venom potency: "Neutralize It: Flying Insect" for wasp, bee, hornet, mosquito, horsefly and chigger stings; "Neutralize It: Ultra" for more potent bites and stings from fire ants, scorpions and spiders; and "Neutralize It: Marine", specifically formulated to treat jellyfish stings.

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