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9005 and HexMat Gloves

Product From HexArmor Products

The HexArmor 4041 NSR gloves offer the highest level of sharps (needlestick) protection available on the market and the highest level of cut resistance - ISEA Level 5. The needlestick protection is in the SuperFabric brand material that is used to make the gloves. Because the gap between the SuperFabric guard plates is so small, and because the gloves have multiple layers, HexArmor products deliver high levels of protection from sharp objects such as needles. The 4041 NSR gloves work great for law enforcement pat-downs and searches. They not only offer significant protection from needles, razor blades and glass, they are comfortable and provide the dexterity needed for the job. The gloves also feature a specialized gripping surface on the palm and are machine washable. The HexArmor Level 6 Series, 9005 gloves combine a cut-resistant knit shell with Level 5 cut resistance on palm and fingertips and puncture protection on the palm and fingertip from wires, needles, metal and glass. The gloves have a polyurethane palm coating for superb grip. The HexArmor HexMat is ideal for situations where hazards such as glass, metal and needles are present. Put the HexMat down to cover hazards and protect hands, legs and feet. The HexMat is made with three layers of protective fabric. In addition to puncture protection, the HexMat provides very high cut resistance - Level 5 on the ISEA guideline. Available in two sizes: 50 inches by 30 inches (Item 9907) or 20 inches by 45 inches (Item 9905).

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