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Video-arraignment and video-visiation systems

Product From AETHRA INC.

Aethra Inc, in conjunction with Palatine Technology Systems and M2 Technologies, has developed video-arraignment and video-visitation systems using the Aethra Video Payphone. The video-arraignment system allows law enforcement officials to perform first appearance and arraignment proceedings, eliminating prisoner flight risk and safety risks to deputies and court personnel inherent in prisoner transport by eliminating prisoner transport altogether. The Aethra Video Payphone provides a forward thinking video-arraignment solution by providing an "all in one" solution, eliminating the need for construction of videoconferencing kiosks with multiple components. The Payphone is a rugged, compact unit that houses all necessary components for videoconferencing, and hangs right on the wall of the cell block. Videoconferences can be monitored, managed and recorded by a deputy off site.

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