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Product From Forensic Science Service

CellDEK, from Forenisc Science Service, is a portable handset data extraction kit for use at the scene of a crime and all working environments associated with on-going investigations. The kit is fully integrated within a ruggedised briefcase. It has approximately 10 hours of battery life and can be recharged through a vehicle, or mains electrical source. CellDEK can access, read and copy stored data from GSM,CDMA, TDMA, iDen handsets, SIM cards, PDAs and 15 types of flash cards. Critically, the integrity of the original data held on the handset is maintained. CellDEK automatically extracts the following data: handset time and date, serial numbers (IMEI, IMSI), dialled calls,missed calls, received calls, phonebook (both handset and SIM), SMS (both handset and SIM), deleted SMS from SIM,calendar, memos and to do lists.The operator then selects other data, such as, pictures, video, audio and other files for extraction, eliminating the need to download superfluous files.

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