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Product From DATACOM MEDIA from Datcom Media is a world wide pre-programmed online direct computer notification system and database of user-defined information that can be viewed by any first responder. With this software, a first responder can notify every family and friend of a victim with a click of a button, and gather any information they may need directly. All the first responder needs to do is enter the client code, found on the back of a driver's license, in a wallet, or on a dog tag, bracelet or wrist band, into the home page of The database offers information on the individual's insurance, blood type, medical allergies, doctor, and other necessary details that could save a life during a crisis. A photo ID as well as information on the client's last known dentist will be available as well. To notify others, first responders would enter their contact information and information about the client's condition as well as where the person is being taken and a phone number where they can be reached, then click on the send button. All information about the client will be sent to everyone on the client's preprogrammed list by voice mail, e-mail and text message.

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