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SMD601 Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector

Product From CEIA-USA

The CEIA-USA SMD601 Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector meets all of the U.S. Department of Justice's requirements under the U.S. NIJ Standard-0601.02 standard for Sensitivity, Discrimination, Immunity and Safety. It is ideal for use in correctional facilities where detection of conventional weapons, as well as small, hard-to-find items, is critical. The SMD601 is also perfectly suited for loss prevention applications. The three levels of security specified by the NIJ Standard-0601.02 (large, medium and small object size) are pre-loaded in the SMD601. Programming is done either locally or remotely from a computer. The SMD601 provides quick, thorough and accurate analysis of people passing through it. It is designed to detect very small magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel. The SMD601's high sensitivity is achieved while providing high immunity to electrical and mechanical interference. This allows it to operate in close proximity to metal doors and gates and still keep false alarms to an absolute minimum.

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