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SEATBELTLOCK is the first and only device that locks your prisoner in their seatbelt preventing them from escaping your vehicle, disturbing the driver or breaking windows.  When you seatbelt them in, they stay until YOU unlock their seatbelt. The lock is used by police officers, deputies, park rangers, troopers, border patrol agents and US Marshals.

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SEATBELTLOCK from Blueline Industries is a device that prevents a prisoner from unfastening his seatbelt and escaping. Securing the suspect is done by simply inserting the tab into the buckle. Once the suspect is buckled into place, it's easy to release the seatbelt using a standard handcuff key. This product assures officer safety during transport and eliminates vehicle down time from broken windows or damage. Designed to work on all standard seatbelts, the lock does not alter either the vehicle or the original seatbelt, and installation takes only a few minutes. When the agency retires a vehicle, simply move it to the new vehicle.

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