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PCMCIA Imaging Pod

Product From VOGON INT'L

When imaging a hard disk drive, an effective write-blocker must be used to ensure that actions taken do not damage potential evidence by writing system and other information back to the disk. Vogon International's VBus System has been designed as a forensic write blocking tool. The VBus has advanced write-blocking hardware and firmware features and the elements of the system are: the Vogon 32-bit imaging software, the VBus and an appropriate remote POD to attach the equipment to the required disk drive. The PCMCIA-interfaced, write-blocking POD provides the means, via a selection of industry-standard adapters, to take evidentially sound images from a range of increasingly common computer media types. These include flash cards, SD cards, memory sticks and other removable media types commonly found in digital cameras, PDAs and other mobile computers. Operation of the POD is designed so that its complexity is shielded from the user via the powerful Graphical User Interface of the imaging software.

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