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Tiburius 8


The Tiberius 8 is the total training and less lethal solution. Featuring patented magazines that house the propellant and 8 projectiles in one convenient unit. These magazines can be loaded with a single type of projectile or multiple projectile types to ensure that the correct solution is at immediate disposal. Since the magazines load into the grip just like a real firearm, the Tiberius 8 promotes muscle memory during training and provides a safer, more familiar option for less-lethal use. Providing a built-in pressure regulator and fixed-volume air chamber, the Tiburius Arms product yields unmatched velocity, consistency and accuracy. Utilizing widely available and inexpensive 12-gram CO2 cartridges, paintballs and rubber rounds, the Tiberius 8 offers a more effective, less expensive training solution than traditional Simunitions. TheTiberius 8 also doubles as a less-lethal device when used with standard .68-caliber OC rounds.

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