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FATPOT Technologies, Inc. is a leading Public Safety Software solution provider for rapid data integration and real-time information sharing across dissimilar systems. FATPOTā€™s breakthrough virtual data fusion technology (Peer IntelligenceĀ®) provides multi-jurisdictional data access on demand by seamlessly bridging system and network compatibility gaps. FATPOT's leading expertise is focused on solving Homeland Security problems related to interoperability, mobility, and high-performance software for local, state and federal public safety markets. (Visit www.fatpot.com for additional information.)

  • 655 E. Medical Dr.
  • Bountiful, UT 84010
  • United States
  • Phone: 801-397-3973
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 801-397-0697
  • Website: http://www.fatpot.com

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FATPOT Technologies released a more scalable version of its proven CADfusion technology. CADfusion eliminates the hurdles that force departments to operate in isolation and gives all public safety departments unprecedented access to high-performance CAD-to-CAD interoperability. This version of CADfusion enables departments to extend their capabilities with existing resources and systems - despite shrinking budgets. CADfusion can be scaled to give departments at the most restricted end of the budget spectrum a quantum leap in CAD-to-CAD interoperability, including the ability to gather, monitor, and view information about incidents and units in multiple jurisdictions. At the other end of the spectrum, CADfusion delivers advanced functionality, including seamless automated call dispatching, full CAD-to-CAD interoperability, and full CAD-to-CAD participation. Departments can match CADfusion with FATPOT's mobile interoperable program, PortalONE, which provides first responders, dispatchers, and other professionals with aggregated, real-time mapping and dispatching information from multiple disparate systems on a single interface (CAD, RMS, and AVL, for example).

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