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Tactical Home Defense 12 gauge 2 3/4-inch slug

Product From Brenneke

Brenneke offers the Tactical Home Defense shotgun slug, a new reduced recoil load specifically designed for home defense and law enforcement use. The 12 gauge, 2 3/4" Tactical Home Defense load provides accuracy and knockdown power from both smoothbore and rifled shotguns. Its controlled penetration makes it ideal for urban environments, with less risk of injury to bystanders. Even with its reduced recoil, it produces power from the broad frontal area of the one-ounce Brenneke slug. The reduced recoil loading makes it comfortable for recoil-sensitive shooters and for training purposes. It also allows quick, accurate follow-up shots. The THD features a flat trajectory to 50 yards, with optimal power to 35 yards. Muzzle velocity is 1378 feet per second, generating 1854 foot pounds of energy.

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