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LUMAgard? fiberglass armor sheets are opaque,bullet-resistant fiberglass composite sheets. The line includes products that are UL-listed for Levels 2,3,4 and 6. The popular AG-300 product defeats common hand-gun weapons, including .357 Magnum,.44 Magnum and 9mm threats. The AG-4 product will defeat both Level 3 threats and the supplemental 12-gauge rifled slug threat. The AG-475 and AG-5 products defeat high powered rifle threats. Applications for LUMAgard? bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets include courthouse and law-enforcement facilities, armored vehicles, walls and counters in banks and other money-handling operations, secure rooms and offices, remote electronic enclosures and wherever protection is needed. Ability to supply easily-installed economical fiberglass armor sheets where and when needed is the best in the industry. Requests for pricing and delivery faxed to 631-422-2811 or e-mailed to will receive a prompt response.

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

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LUMAgard fiberglass armor plate

LUMAgard fiberglass armor plate