Company Details:
5540 E. Lake Dr., Unit A
Lisle, IL 60532

Phone: 630-960-9983
Toll Free: 630-392-4337
Fax: 630-960-9986

UNICUS Fitness is a fitness service business specializing in fitness programming for Police and Firefighters. We have been making a name for designing custom fitness programming, services and facilities for our country's finest public servants. We do everything from providing comprehensive fitness testing for recruits, to designing on the job, daily programming that improves job performance and reduces injuries. From Desk Jockeys to S.W.A.T, from Dispatchers to Fire Suppression, we custom make all the programs and show you how to do it in the minimal amount of time and space. We can help you build your own onsite fitness facility or provide you the portable equipment if that is your budget. Let UNICUS Fitness help give you the edge to excel at your job and improve your health to live a long, productive life.

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Get On The Ball

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