Company Details:
P.O. Box 50
Arcadia, IN 46030

Phone: 317-984-5597

Ballistic Technologies is the only commercial manufacturer of Ballistic Polymer, Reactive Target Systems. These reactive target systems are now considered the standard replacement for obsolete and unsafe steel targets and reactive target systems. Our target's durability, safety, and reasonable prices have made them a favorite among Law Enforcement, Military, Shooting Ranges, Cowboy Action Shooters, Youth Shooting Sports and individual target shooters everywhere. Our product line includes: portable, lightweight and safe, reactive and non-reactive target units; indoor and outdoor range systems; shoot houses; bullet traps; safe rooms; and protective barriers. Our targets are capable of handling any caliber, from .17HMR to .50BMG, at point blank range. The World's Safest Targets! www.ballistictec.com