Company Details:
4201 Galleria Dr.
P.O. Box 15835
Loves Park, IL 61111

Phone: 800-325-7732
Fax: 888-435-2348

Streem supplies emergency preparedness and response through emergency alerts. For federal, state, and local government organizations, Streem offers the first step in emergency response. Streem Center, the core of Streem solutions, combined with the Streem Alert emergency notification application, provides a reliable and easy-to-use rapid notification system. Designed post 9/11 to meet large-scale, multi-channel emergency broadcast, Streem Alert provides a user-friendly web interface and broadcast launch platform. Recipients receive emergency notifications via telephone, cell phone, fax, text messaging (SMS), PDA, pager, and email. Streem is committed to providing disaster preparedness solutions incorporating the highest quality, most technologically advanced products, supported by unsurpassed customer support. With over a decade of experience, Streem has designed, installed, and continues to support solutions for federal, state, and local government organizations.