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  • 4633 Old Ironsides Dr., No. 150
  • Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • United States
  • Phone: 408-496-0190
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 408-496-0178
  • Website:

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MDVR On-Board

Product From AEGISON CORP.

Through its mobile digital video recording technology and embedded GPS chip set, Aegison is offers its latest value added, on-board integrated mapping and tracking system. Aegison, with its GPRS real-time digital mobile streaming solution, makes it possible for dispatchers, business owners and control centers to see in "real time" exactly where each vehicle is in the field. The introduction of this pioneering technology is to help bridge the gap between video and documented surveillance as a first step towards remote operations fleet management. This solution not only records and transmits digital video, but also maps the vehicle location and other variables right down to a few feet through our mapping interface.

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