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For trace evidence analysis and other investigation practices where airborne contamination control is vital to the integrity of the evidence, why not utilize an ultra-clean air system with flood lighting that is mobile, flexible and quickly installed in minutes. From enclosed mini-environments to creating clean air zones to setting up positively pressurized portable verifiable ultra-clean chambers, Airex is your answer. A Certified HEPA filter with 99.997% efficiency at particles greater than 0.3 micron is used with extended life provided by an activated charcoal prefilter. For use where decomposed and potentially infectious tissues are being handled and user safety and noxious odors are a concern, a negative pressurized chamber can be utilized to trap odors and hazardous pathogens, thus keeping them out of the workplace. Recycling the indoor air at a rate of 500 cubic feet per minute quickly removes unwanted or hazardous materials and assures verifiable clean environments.

Emergency Isolation Unit

Emergency Isolation Unit