Company Details:
99 Airport Rd.
Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603-228-0706
Fax: 603-228-0254

EXACOM, Inc. is a New Hampshire based corporation chartered for the purpose of providing telecommunication technology research and product development services. EXACOM has grown to become a leading manufacturer of microprocessor based telecommunications products and systems with focus on providing Digital Multimedia Recording and Emergency Alert Notification Solutions for Public Safety, Homeland Security and commercial applications. EXACOM is known for a longstanding and ongoing commitment to providing solutions based on tomorrow's needs in addition to today's requirements. EXACOM accomplishes this through the development of innovative integration technologies for applications which require transitional technology. The EXACOM corporate culture is one of high intensity and responsiveness with an ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of our customers through our vision of "Automating Communications Today for Tomorrow".