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The EyePole is a tactical visual surveillance tool tailored to the SWAT environment. The EyePole is a self contained pole camera system with no external wires, no setup required, and simple to operate. The camera displays in color to the 5" LCD mounted near the handle, and automatically switches to night vision using IR LED's for 30' of black & white image in complete darkness. A quick disconnect switches to an Under Door camera. The EyePole extends and contracts via a single flip-loc collar, The camera head manually articulates in all directions. The LCD display articulates 180 degrees tilt & swivel. Video-out, brightness control are standard. Wireless and audio-out are optional. 12V battery is located in the EyePole handle. The base system includes charging system and hard case.

  • P.O. Box 2302
  • Issaquah, WA 98027
  • United States
  • Phone: 425-652-9556
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 866-631-3086
  • Website: http://www.eyepole.com

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Product From EYEON LLC

The EyePole, made by EyeOn LLC, is providing a "grab-n-go" solution for tactical visual surveillance. The simple design allows the officer to remove the EyePole from its case and with one power button and one brightness control immediately visually clear danger zones, from attics to crawl spaces. The pole-mounted camera provides color in daylight, auto switching to IR for 40 feet of vision in total darkness. The EyePole weighs less than 6 pounds, extendable to 110 inches using one simple flip-loc collar, and no external wires. The 5-inch LCD display is mounted on the EyePole with complete tilt/swivel. It is powered by a 12-volt battery mounted inside the EyePole.

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