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NuShield is the manufacturer of the most durable glare and scratch protector films on the market today. NuShield offers screen protector films that provide glare protection and added contrast for use with LCD touch screens of GPS devices used in police patrol cars, fire trucks, EMS and other medical service applications.You have a choice of antireflective or antiglare technology for PDAs, Cell phones, laptops, LCD monitors,handheld touch screen devices and monitors up to 50 inches diagonal. NuShield films are manufactured using a patented technology making the film overlays scratch resistant with exceptional clarity. The film is easy to install without worrying about air bubbles or getting dirt caught between the screen and the film. NuShield screen protectors have a super thin surface and provide a pleasant feel when writing. NuShield is the must have accessory for those looking for long-lasting protection of their touch screen device.

Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors