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Have you ever heard these words "these handcuffs are too tight" or " these handcuffs hurt." Every law enforce officer has heard these words. If the event of a complaint or a law suite currently there has not been away to show that the handcuffs were applied properly until now. Cuff Calipers has designed a new innovative way to document the position of a pair of handcuffs. Anyone who deals with handcuffs, especially those in law enforcement, has received numerous complaints about restraints being too tight. In fact, there have been injuries and lawsuits for this very reason, the Cuff Caliper enables the user to look at the handcuff and quickly identify and document its position. Fraudulent claims are made on a daily basis. The cuff Calipers provides a defense against such allegations. WWW.CUFFCALIPERS.COM

Cuff Calipers

Cuff Calipers