Doctor Down Rescue Wrap The World's New Standard of Care for Medical Transport. This high tech bedding provides life saving warmth and protection for patient or victim. All season EMS bedding, high tech fabric. Designed by EMS for EMS, 360 degree access, washable, durable. Six fluid barriers protect patient and personnel. Use disposable liners for infection management. Warm with a non-electric re-chargeable heat source to handle hypothermia issues. Carry handles provide quick response / removal at all incidents. The black RW Ranger design makes it desirable for police or military operations when security issues are critical. The highly visible orange Rescue Wrap works great when trauma incident management or SAR is a factor. Hazmat use: hose victim and load into Rescue Wrap that has heat packs in place. Fastest, easiest, best price. No tent necessary. Call, e-mail or write for the best First Aid Bedding, Trauma / Hazmat equipment on the market.

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  • 802 First St. E, Suite B
  • Polson, MT 59860
  • United States
  • Phone: 888-883-3696
  • Toll Free: 406-883-3052
  • Fax: 406-883-3902
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Rescue Wrap Ranger


The Rescue Wrap Ranger is an all-weather emergency wrap designed for tactical medical operations. Featuring a black shell, the complete Rescue Wrap Ranger is constructed of a fluid-proof, wind-proof breathable shell; synthetic down insulation cores; disposable liners and strategically placed pockets for heat/cold packs. Carry handles on the bottom can be attached to a stretcher or litter. A combination of insulated down cores and reusable heat packs help the Rescue Wrap Ranger provide optimal hypothermia protection.

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