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CellAntenna Corporation solves cellular communication problems. CellAntenna's In-Building Repeater Packages amplify cellular phone signals, reducing dropped calls and making it possible to use cell phones deep inside buildings. The company's Building Repeaters come in a wide-variety of pre-packaged and offer different ranges of coverage. The less-powerful Repeaters are intended for use in homes and small offices, while the more powerful devices can be used in factories, warehouses, multi-floor offices, and other large structures. CellAntenna offers customers professional installation for larger, custom-designed systems. We also provide Cellular Jamming for government organizations. Please visit us at www.cellantenna.com or www.cjam.com
  • 12453 N.W. 44th St.
  • Coral Springs, FL 33065
  • United States
  • Phone: 954-340-7053 x220
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax:
  • Website: http://www.cellantenna.com

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CAE750 Dual-Band Rapid Deployment Cellular Repeater System (RDCRS)


CellAntenna Corp.'s CAE750 Dual-Band Rapid Deployment Cellular Repeater System (RDCRS) is a fully-portable version of the company's CAE700 dual-band repeater system. The RDCRS allows government agencies and other users to immediately deploy a solution that boosts cellular signals in outdoor and indoor areas that may not have adequate cellular signal coverage due to natural or terror-related disasters. Designed specifically for use in emergency operation centers and response vehicles, the RDCRS facilitates cellular communication in areas as large as 15,000 square feet, ensuring that personnel in that radius will receive reliable, clear cellular signals in low signal level conditions. The RDCRS is packaged in a rugged, roller-type case for easy transport, can easily fit into the trunk of a vehicle, and is lightweight enough to be deployed by a single person.

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