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The exclusive distributor of the Centurion® Wireless Security System and the Centurion® Scout. Transmits unique pinpointed messages without delay to officers' two-way radios. The Centurion Wireless Security System, designed for courthouses and public facilities of all types is working hard to protect our communities, whereas the Centurion Scout is a portable, wireless communication security system that helps law enforcement monitor high-risk situations, while facilitating immediate response in the event of an alarm. Also the exclusive distributor of STOP STICK tire deflation devices. The #1 Tire Deflation Device in the world. SAFETY...SIMPLICITY...VERSATILITY.

  • 365 Industrial Dr.
  • Harrison, OH 45030
  • United States
  • Phone: 513-202-5500
  • Toll Free: 1-800-537-0102
  • Fax: 513-202-0240
  • Website:

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Centurion Wireless Security System

Product From StopTech LTD

The Centurion Wireless Security System, an easy-to-install emergency call system designed for courthouses and public facilities of all types, can simultaneously transmit sensor-specific voice messages to officer radios and/or send digital data packets to a central command center. The speed and substance of the transmitted message help officers know instantly where assistance is needed, as well as important facts about the location. A variety of sensors, such as duress buttons, door contacts and others, may be used with the Centurion. Its portable counterpart, the Centurion Scout Mobile Security System, also from StopTech Ltd., is designed for covert monitoring of and response to high-risk locations by law enforcement. Entirely self-contained in a rugged carrying case, the Centurion Scout is wireless and offers the same voice and/or digital data packet notification and sensor compatibility as the installed Centurion system, yet in a form that's easy to use, transport and store as needed.

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