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The primary goal of Police Law Services is to keep individual police officers and police departments abreast of the most current and important court decisions that affect the practices of police administrators and line police officers on the street. This includes court decisions affecting the administration of a police department and the practices of police officers concerning use of force, arrest, search and seizure, search of homes and vehicles, and persons, stop and frisk, interrogation and other related areas. This goal is achieved by providing officers with a monthly bulletin containing condensed court decisions, and other training aids. Also, there is a searchable disk in PDF format containing court decisions back to January 1972. A sample portion of this disk will be snail mailed to you if you send your address to stancohen1@comcast.net. There is no obligation to return or purchase it.

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Research CD


Police Law Services has created a police legal research tool in the form of a searchable disk containing 3,391 pages of court decisions from 1972 to the present. Police officers and other criminal justice personnel are now able to instantly find court decisions that will support the legality of the actions they take or want to take on the street. For example, the 3,391 pages on the disk can be scanned for "disorderly conduct" and in less than four seconds 1,043 instances of those words in court decisions will be displayed. The decisions can be submitted to a court to support the legality of police actions.

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