Company Details:
P.O. Box 1042
Harrisburg, NC 28075

Phone: 704-455-5959
Fax: 704-973-7822

Cover Your Assets, LLC - located in Harrisburg, North Carolina, USA and at on the web; provides public safety agencies with affordable fixed cost web enabled applications aiding in the daily administration of their agencies. Through our On-Duty Scheduling System[Schedule-To-CYA™], Off-Duty Scheduling or Special Events Management System [SEMS-To-CYA™], Weapons Maintenance and Management System [Track-To-CYA™], and Public Safety Training Records Management System [Train-To-CYA™], we provide agencies with the opportunity to CYA. Our integrated solutions are offered via a 128 bit encrypted SSL access point; available anytime anywhere the user has access to the internet. The solutions we offer are all designed for public safety "Because you need to CYA USA!"