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SD-1 high performance brake rotors are designed from the ground up for law enforcement use. The SD-1 is guaranteed against warping for the usable life of the rotor. They last up to 4 times longer than regular rotors, brake pads last up to 3 times longer; they stop shorter and are extremely fade resistant. The SD-1 rotor is used across the nation by all branches of law enforcement from small local police departments to some of the largest fleets in the nation. Let us show you how Command Automotive, Inc. can cut your brake maintenance cost by as much as 50% but most importantly make your police cars safer to drive. Call Command Automotive today for a list of agencies that use our rotor and let them tell you about the SD-1.

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System

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SD-1 brake rotors