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P.O. Box 474
Mishawaka, IN 46546-0474

Phone: 574-310-1277
Fax: 574-257-8850

We provide realistic training with officer survival as our top priority.Training will be instense and dynamic in order to instill a winning mindset into the student officer.Instructor's are well versed in survival tactics and counter assault techniques.We also instruct the Strategies & Tacics of Patrol Stops Basic and Instructor level courses throughout the world.STOPS is about pre planned survival tactics utilized during traffic stop situations.Officers attending the STOPS course will receive the training necessary to safely execute vehicle stops,pedestrian stops,drug interdiction stops,vehicle extractions,and high risk stops.Officers will be trained in risk assessments and methods to counter accidental and felonious assaults.Officers will be instructed on 8 kill zones during traffic stops and pre planned escape routes to counter the assaults.If an officer is expected to stop cars he/she should at least be trained how to execute the stop safely.