Company Details:
1616 N. Corrington Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64120

Phone: 888-444-3237
Toll Free: 816-245-5225
Fax: 816-241-2743

Thank you for your interest in CSI Supply, LLC. CSI Supply, LLC offers a large variety of latent fingerprint powders, chemicals for latent print development and enhancement, gunshot residue collection kits, drug field test kits and other evidence materials. Because CSI Supply is a small company, we are able to offer a fast and personal response to your supply needs and product questions. We have attempted to offer evidence collection materials consistent with feedback obtained from investigators and forensic scientists. We have provided a customer service line that is available 9AM to 5PM CST to answer your technical questions (888.444.3237). Your questions and suggestions are invited regarding all product information and product suggestions (kcarney@csi-supply.com). It is our priority at CSI Supply to provide the finest supplies and equipment available, along with friendly and efficient service.