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1335 Osprey Dr.
Ancaster, ON L9C 1J4 Canada

Phone: 905-304-6141
Fax: 905-304-6137

Mancom is in the business of manufacturing, installing and maintaining the most reliable and innovative live firearms training systems in the industry. Our target systems are designed for indoor and outdoor ranges. Mancom invented the first 360 turning, random-edging target carrier with dual onboard lighting. This prevents the shooter from anticipating a shot while conducting friend/foe exercises. Our outdoor range equipment is heated guaranteeing our equipment functions in all weather conditions. Our Touch Plus Control System allows complete range control, including the set-up of shooting scenarios without the use of a computer. This eliminates concern for computer viruses or crashes. The innovation and reliability of our systems positions Mancom as the preferred vendor to numerous law enforcement agencies and private ranges across North America, including such notable organizations as the FBI Training Academy, RCMP, New Jersey State Police and the Scottsdale Gun Club.