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21031 Cantebury Lane
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Phone: 949-830-4300
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Surveillance Periscope built for Law Enforcement and the Military ~ MSRP $229 No batteries, no wires, no instructions needed. The most economical and versatile Surveillance device on the market today! Surveillance, while remaining undetected, has never been so easy. With the 4X to 9X zoom, 22 inch periscope, keeping an eye on a suspect can be accomplished while concealed in a vehicle. This device pays for itself if it were used just to zoom in over a WALL!!! Dealers wanted Includes: Rugged variable zoom, high quality aluminum alloy, periscope with aluminum case, belt hook and attachment for flashlight and camera. Surveillance applications Include: Into Windows Over Vehicles, Traffic, Crowds Over Walls into Yards Around Corners Into Windows Stake Outs - over Bushes, Fences, Dumpsters etc. Distributed exclusively by Micro-Times through a Dealer Network . For more information visit. WWW.SWATSCOPE.COM