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250 S.E. Timber Ave.
Redmond, OR 97756

Phone: 800-433-6524
Fax: 541-923-6015

Fuel Safe Systems offers multpile lines of defense against fuel fed fires in Police vehicles. Specializing in protection for the Ford Crown Victoria, the Cruiser Safety Cell has endured numerous high speed test crashes, as well as real world deployments, and has survived with no leaks. Independent lab testing contracted by a leading State Police Agency resulted in an urging for that agency to outfit vehicles with these items, fully recommending them based on the tests performed. Don't subject your personnel to anything less than the proven protection offered by the Cruiser Safety Cell. For more protection, or for departments challenged by smaller budgets, the Guardian Ballistic Blanket lines the trunk of a police cruiser so any item can be carried without worry of whether those items will penetrate the fuel tank in an impact. Call or email for more information. All Fuel Safe devices are fully retrofittable to all years of vehicles.