Company Details:
400 Perimeter Center Terrace NE
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30346

Phone: 321-360-8247
Toll Free: 888-666-0320
Fax: 866-591-9708

Developers and sole source for the Digital Voice Stress Analyzer (DVSA) detection of deception system. Untilized by law enforcement and government agencies. Currently being used in Iraq for vetting of local nationals for sensitive and high security positions. DVSA is a computer software applications program for installation on your existing laptop computers. DVSA permits full use of other programs. Board certified academic style examiner training is accomplished in 5 days. DVSA is fast, accurate, and proven valid. Pre-test interview techniques removes defensive barriers. Used for live speech detection of deception testing of suspects, victims and witnesses, recorded interviews or intercepts, covert use for intelligence or counterintelligence purposes. DVSA is far superior to competitors' outdated systems. Ask about our LE GRANT for FREE DVSA software.