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The Tactical Duostock's patented design provides maximum comfort, speed, and freedom of movement for operators wearing body armor in CQB situations. The curved underside is angled so the lower tip rides comfortably on the upper chest or collarbone in a forward, high carry position near the dominant eye; keeps the sights and barrel close to the line of sight, ready to be engaged with minimal head movement. Two models available, one for Mil-Spec M4 carbines. Universal fits aftermarket CAR-15 type buffer tubes. Now available in Desert Tan and Black

  • P.O. Box 32
  • Welling, OK 74471
  • United States
  • Phone: 866-DUO-STOK
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 918-431-3782
  • Website: http://www.duostock.com

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Tactical Duostock


Duostock Designs, Inc. launches its answer to the often encountered problem with the M4/CAR15 collapsible stock; how to establish consistent stock placement on the shooter's shoulder using the as-issued stock and it's lower point or tip? The Tactical Duostock solves this by using a lower surface that is placed on the upper chest/shoulder to allow a consistently upright head position without the need to constantly readjust the weapon. Ideal for ballistic vest users as the larger contact area of the angled lower surface is stabilized on the firmer surface of the vest. Weapon position on the shoulder is maintained at low ready position and the weapon can be lifted to eyes-on, sights-on target instantly, without fear of slippage or loss of contact.

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