JPX America

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P.O. Box 7400
Huntsville, TX 77342

Phone: 936-730-8326
Fax: 936-730-8329

U.S. Law Enforcement Distributor and Training for the JPX Cobra 450 Pepper Gun

* Modeled after a traditional firearm.

* Does not depend on electronics  for deployment.

* Accurate at 23 feet. Tested at 17 feet with 30 MPH crosswinds.

* 400,000 Scoville Heat Units.

* Subject specific.

* Incapacitation with no residual field contamination beyond the target area.

* Instantaneous effect.

* Low risk, Low liability and completely affordable at only $359.95.

* Reliable in all weather conditions as well as if it's submerged in water.


The JPX 450 Cobra L.E. Model is a fully reloadable, high speed delivery system.  The JPX 450 Cobra is modled after a traditional firearm.  We use a patented pyrotechnic system to deploy, eliminating the pitfalls of a pressurized system.  No projectile is fired.  Instead, a plunger forces the solution out at 405 MPH.  The spray pattern is subject specific; with about 1 foot spread at 15 feet, 22" spread at 23 feet, allowing for minimal field contamination.  There is no contamination to the ambient air, so there is no need to evacuate a building if deployed indoors.