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  • 4540 N. 44th St., No. 57
  • Phoenix, AZ 85018
  • United States
  • Phone: 602-381-8066
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 586-816-2469
  • Website: http://www.tallac.com

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B2 Dual Cage

Product From TALLAC

Tallac's B2 Dual Cage incorporates two bottle cages within a single mount. The two cages are stacked with an the top cage offset for clearance of the seat tube mounted bottle cage. Two models are available: a stainless-steel and an aluminum version. The aluminum model's top cage has an adjustable offset. In addition, the top cage can be removed and used for an additional accessory mount. The stainless is a lighter weight unit at 114 grams than the Aluminum model at 207 grams. For 2004 the company introduced a lower cost model at 136 grams, the B2 AL NS. For 2005 roll out it will be available in colors, red, silver, blue and yellow. The B2 Dual Cage gives you the option of carrying 84 oz's of liquid using three 28-oz. water bottles. Water bottles are easier to clean and require less maintenance than hydration packs therefore giving you more time to ride. The B2 Dual Cage offers additional carrying capacity for bikes with only one cage mount (comfort bikes, full suspension bikes, recumbent and exercise equipment). No modification or brackets are required to mount the product to bike frame.

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