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Manotick, ON K4P 1E6 Canada

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Time. Finding it, managing it - in today's fast-paced working environment, time is everything. If your job involves managing and tracking employee time and attendance, you need software solutions that work for you. Solutions that understand your business. Our Software Ltd. (OSL) understands. Founded by a former Police Officer & Administator, we've developed personnel management software solutions specifically for police and correctional organizations. OSL has been successful in providing ERM software solutions to both large and small organizations as a result of having the expertise to deliver a full range of customized services. OSL's applications were developed with the user in mind. All screens use drop-down lists and an intuitive, menu-driver interface. It is easily configured so you're not dependent on programmers and our software solution seamlessly integrates into other corporate systems (i.e. Payroll). Visit us today at www.oursoftware.com