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Finger Rest Extension for Glock 26, 27, & 33 Acquire: a positively locked firing grip each time you draw and fire. Retain: the superb, original, compact design of your Glock 26, 27, or 33. Perform: rapid reloads and smooth draws from concealed carry. Acquire, Retain, Perform: Experience the Concealable Control of the Finger Rest Extension! Field-tested for over two years and in current use by a wide variety of law enforcement professionals across the nation. Made in the USA using the same type of polymer as the original Glock magazine endcap.

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Fingerrest extension


The Finger Rest Extension from GAP Enterprises Inc. is designed for members of the law enforcement community and security professionals who demand the high-capacity firepower and require the original concealability of their Glock 26, 27 and 33 handguns. Field-tested for over two years and in current use by a wide spectrum of both undercover and uniformed police professionals, the FingerRest Extension offers the ultimate in concealable control.

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