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P.O. Box 1261
San Marcos, TX 78667-1261

Phone: 800-260-6867
Toll Free: 512-754-0674
Fax: 512-353-7086

Security Services of Texas was founded in 95 as a law enforcement training provider . Texas DPS, Travis County SWAT Team, San Antonio Police Academy, College Station Police Dept. and Corrections Corporation of America are some of the agencies that have benefited from our specialized training. Over the years we have found that a major weakness in combating criminal activity in the private sector is a lack of qualified and economical security training support services for business's to draw upon. SST has trained more than 67K Security Professionals worldwide, most recently United Nations security force personnel. SST has established a reputation as an authority in the security industry worldwide. SST has a cadre of staff of internationally known and certified professionals on every aspect of security management and training. As such, our instructors can help reduce your company's liability by going with you to court to support and defend the training that you and your employees receive.