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Seattle Sports is an innovative outdoor company dedicated to providing superior gear for outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. We have always been and continue to be at the forefront of gear technology and design, offering the highgest quality dry bags, paddling accessories, car-top carriers, and innovative lighting products on the market today.

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LEDHedz Headlamps


Seattle Sports Co. introduces the new LEDHedz collection of super bright headlamps. Four styles of clip-on lamps provide a versatile, hands-free light source with the ability to either clip onto a hat or car visor, or keep in pockets or on a key ring. LEDHedz MicroLamps feature a dual-action slide on/push on switch that allows for continuous or intermittent light. Available in blue, red, black and glow, MicroLamps are an ideal light source for targeted viewing. LEDHedz MicroTorch features a twist action LED and an anodized aluminum body with easy to use grip ridges. LEDHedz HighBeam offers full headlamp-equivalent lighting. With a four-action switch, the HighBeam offers versatile lighting options from one to three bulbs. 

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