FirstWatch Dashboards provide real-time situational awareness data views of suspicious activities, crime trends, patterns or clusters of concerning incidents. Daily benefits for all Public Safety Stakeholder groups, including Homeland Security and Emergency management.

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FirstWatch Solutions


FirstWatch is a real-time Dashboard, data intelligence and situational awareness software system that is designed to monitor data systems for statistically significant occurrences from a situational awareness, homeland security or operational standpoint. Once volumetric trends, patterns or geographic clusters are detected, FirstWatch will automatically alert user-defined personnel via email, pager, SMS or fax. Alerted personnel can use FirstWatch to determine the nature and significance of the occurrence, and take appropriate steps to warn the public (as well as first responders). FirstWatch is currently providing Public Safety agencies with automated real-time situational awareness information by monitoring 9-1-1 (Police, Fire and EMS) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), RMS and ProQA. FirstWatch is designed to allow aggregation of data from multiple Public Safety with similar (or disparate data sources) to provide authorized users with a true real-time, regionalized situational awareness perspective across geopolitical boundaries and operational areas.

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