Company Details:
Hicrest Station Box 5106
Topeka, KS 66605-0106

Phone: 785-845-6853
Fax: 785-233-7613

Provide emergency lighting to any authorized law, fire, security, corrections or EMS agency or individual. Our systems can be installed invisibly, UNTIL needed. Why advertise presence with huge lightbars? Stealth can be a fantastic advantage. Distributor of UNI-GO motorcycle trailers, mounted with independently powered strobe and/or LED lighting- VERY effective for accident scenes, allowing a single officer to control traffic without tying up multiple vehicles. Heat is a problem in most of the US. Add 15 pounds of weapon, ammunition, radio gear? We have a solution.Heat-prevention clothing for motorcycle and bicycle patrol officers, traffic control personnel, meter readers - the uses are unrestricted. Custom-build fiberglass motorcycle bags, with or without emergency lighting. No more tiny saddlebags!