Company Details:
350 S. Figueroa St., Suite 450
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Phone: 213-620-1666
Fax: 213-620-1655

Meganet Corporation is a client-focused data security company committed to the continual development of technologies and innovative information security solutions. Founder of the unbreakable Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME) algorithm, Meganet is a recognized leader in the development of state-of-the-art data security solutions. Meganet's products are among the strongest off-the-shelf encryption solutions offered in the market today. Serving public safety agencies around the globe, offering secure files, text, chat, FTP, Email, symmetric key or PKI enabled, biometric mobile storage, network access control, encrypted cellular communication, and several Government and Law Enforcement Only products. With experience and expertise, Meganet's team of professionals understands the security needs of today's Law Enforcement & Corrections environments. Established in 1997, headquartered in the Los Angeles World Trade Center, with offices on both coasts and overseas to help you.

VME Office 2004

VME Office 2004