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Legalpadz are designed to provide additional workspace for law enforcement vehicles.The hood and deck lids are important areas that are frequently used. Items such as contraband, clipboards and various field cases placed on the hood and deck lids have a tendency to slid off or damage the surface.The painted surfaces do not make for an ideal work surface, Legalpadz are. The cost to repair scratches and dents on today's vehicles have increased due to new paints and clear coats used.Maintaining the vehicles appearance is a reflection on the department and increases the value at time of sale.Legalpadz are custom made to match the contours of specific makes and models.Made from a padded material that is 100% ultraviolet, chemical and petrochemical resistant.Apply to existing damaged surfaces, eliminating repair and maintaining appearance.Legalpadz are self-adhering.Just peel and stick.Carwash safe.