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MOBILedit! can be used as a forensicSIM Toolkit to gather evidence from mobile phone SIM cards in a secure way and generate reports suitable for presentation in court. Compelson's MOBILedit! solution is being used as an evidence tool, and we suggest you brief yourself on the solution to the benefit of all that want criminals brought to justice. Scotland yard has been using SIMedit!, the predecessor to MOBILedit! for years now, and now desires to customize the successor for admissible evidence. You can copy all the contacts in both the phones memory and SIM card of the criminals (plus numerous other functions) Feel free to inquire, we want to work with you for the safety of all. Philip Kielhurn International Operations COMPELSON Laboratories Phone: +420 266 316 773 Fax: +420 266 316 774 The Mobile Revolution has begun! Allow your phone and PC to communicate with each other.

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MOBILedit! Forensic

Product From COMPELSON

In many instances, mobile phones contain important incriminating evidence that investigators require to solve a case. MOBILedit! Forensic, by COMPELSON Labs, has changed the way this evidence is obtained and presented. This software provides reports with tamper-proof and indisputable evidence in a court of law. This report details every piece of information in the phone such as call history, message history, contact lists, etc. With just a single click, MOBILedit! Forensic collects all possible data from the mobile phone and generates an extensive report onto a PC that can be stored or printed. MOBILedit! Forensic generates reports in any language and adaptable to every judicial system.

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