Company Details:
400 Jean-Lesage
Office 045
Quebec, QC G1K 8W1 Canada

Phone: 800-341-4124
Toll Free: 418-380-8900
Fax: 418-380-9011

We design, develop and market cutting-edge technological solutions to the public safety community. We have developed a complete, intuitive, modular and progressive system that fully integrates all operational and management functions for all departments (Law enforcement, Fire protection and EMS combined) into one centralized and seamless network. Our suite of products include CAD and RMS systems for Law Enforcement Agencies, for Fire Fighter Agencies and for Emergency Medical Services Agencies. We have the most features rich product available on the market. We scored the highest result in a study conducted by the Brazilian government on 105 CAD/RMS manufacturers. Our products are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese and are ready for consolidated dispatch center with decentralized management. Our products are actually servicing more than 600 municipalities.