Company Details:
P.O. Box 426
Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629

Phone: 208-793-4045
Fax: 208-793-4046

TriTech Training/Mission First!tm manufactures tactical soft goods and justification targets for Law Enforcement and the Military. We produce the Tactical Retention/Recovery Lanyardtm for handguns, and the Tactical Rapid Assault Slingtm for carbines, rifles, and shotguns. We custom design and produce weapons bags, wind meter pouches, and other firearms accessories. Our High Performance Muzzlebrake Technology division manufactures muzzlebrakes for weapons from .22 caliber to .50 caliber. TriTech Training provides training in Close Quarter Combat/Attached Weapons Tactics, Basic and Advanced Sniper Classes, Audio/Visual Camouflage, and classes in Suppressed Weapons Tactics for both Rifle and Pistol. Current clients for our products include law enforcement agencies in the US; U.S. Army, Marines, and Navy units in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the U. S.