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NO ALARM DEVICE ACTUALLY PREVENTS LOSS, SABOTAGE OR VANDALISM... UNTIL NOW! Traditional forms of physical security such as bars or shutters will not stop avid thieves. "They do however increase the level of violence employed to get in". Alarm Systems by themselves do not prevent losses due to break-ins despite the efficiency of detection. Fog Security Systems™ do provide within seconds a visible obscurant that will deter a burglar's progress. The Fog is impenetrable, making progress into the protected area impossible. The Fog renders vital areas immune from the intentions of intruders. The Fog Security System is designed, engineered, and manufactured specifically as a commercial security system. To date, the Fog Security System™ has proven 100% successful in deterring a burglar's progress. There have been no reported losses, no insurance claims. "IF THEY CAN'T SEE IT, THEY CAN'T STEAL IT!"

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Tactical Fog


Tactical Fog from Fog Security Systems Inc. is a non-toxic obscurant for tactical and training use in correctional facilities, with law enforcement and military application. It provides a new mission capability as a lethality enabler by suppressing the ability to see when within the Fog in tactical situations and permits non-lethal use separating combatants and non-combatants.The Fog can be inhaled and is dispersed outdoors or in enclosed spaces directly on targeted individuals to completely envelope them.The combatants cannot move or target friendly forces within the spaces, significantly improving survivability. Friendly forces with thermal imaging systems can maneuver freely, easily target combatants and separate civilians with minimal threat, a capability not available with existing obscurants.Tactical Fog can be dispersed from portable backpack systems or vehicle mounted for outdoor use.

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