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McMillan manufactures a complete line of fiberglass rifle stocks, including tactical, competition, and sporting models. The McMillan A-series tactical stocks are issued to more elite military and law enforcement units than any other tactical stock. Stocks within the A-series include the new A-5. It combines the most popular features of the A-series; the A-4 is the current issue stock on the Marine's M40A3 rifle; the A-3 is the current issue for the FBI; departments of Justice, Energy, Customs/Treasury and law enforcement agencies; the A-2 is the current issue for the US Navy Seals; the M40A1 is the forerunner of today's modern tactical rifle and is still in service with many units. All stocks are constructed with 100% hand laid fiberglass construction and are impervious to environmental extremes. The A-series are often the only stocks that pass the military's stringent torture tests as part of its procurement contracts.

MFS-14 Modular Tactical

MFS-14 Modular Tactical